The SEMA Show is a trade show produced by the Specialty Equipment Market Association

The SEMA Show is a trade show produced by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), a nonprofit trade association founded in 1963. Since the first SEMA Show debuted in 1967, the annual event has served as the leading venue bringing together manufacturers and buyers within the automotive specialty equipment industry. Products featured at the SEMA Show include those that enhance the styling, functionality, comfort, convenience and safety of cars and trucks.



The SEMA Show is the premier Auto Accessories trade show in the world. The annual event draws more than 100,000 industry professionals, including 50,000 buyers and 2,300 media representatives.

“The SEMA Show is an exclusive event where auto parts manufacturers and buyers come together to do business,” said Peter MacGillivray, SEMA VP of events and communications. “With 2 million square-feet of exhibits and attractions, serious buyers come to the SEMA Show to see new products and discover new trends.”

Since the SEMA Show debuted in 1967, the event has been instrumental to helping small auto parts manufacturers reach a large number of industry buyers. In 2009, 87 percent of buyers at the SEMA Show make or influence buying decisions, and 73 percent said that they purchase more products from SEMA Show exhibitors than from non-exhibiting companies.

Geared primarily to small businesses, the SEMA Show has several cost-saving programs designed to help exhibitors maximize the return on their investment.

“We recognize the investment exhibitors are making by participating at the SEMA Show,” said MacGillivray. “We are committed to working with exhibitors to help them meet their goals.”

Among the programs available to exhibitors is the New Products Showcase. All exhibitors are able to submit a product into the showcase at no cost. That product receives increased exposure by being included in a high-profile, high-traffic area of the show floor, and it is professionally photographed and available to media outlets throughout the world.

Many exhibitors also qualify to receive free material handling, and all exhibitors benefit from booth prices that have remained the same for six consecutive years.



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